About Lizette


“Mind is the Master power that molds and makes, A Man is Mind, and evermore he takes

The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,

Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: – He thinks in secret; and,

it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking glass.”


“The aphorism, ‘As a man thinks in his heart so is he,’ not only embraces the whole of man’s being,

but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life.

A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of his thoughts.”

As a Man Thinks by James Allen

For years I listened to a recording of As a Man Thinks every day on my way to my first job in the franchising world. I let its wise words seep into my mind and watched how they transformed my life. This was way over 20 years ago. This little book has been perhaps the most powerful influence in my search for understanding how we create our own reality through our minds, our thoughts, and our brains.

The very first class I taught in a franchise organization back in the mid ‘80s incorporated my passion. Since then I have continued my search for answers and applied knowledge gained to my experiences with franchisees in a training, operational, and support capacity. I have always believed that people can change, if they want to. Yet, it is only in the last 10 years when science has discovered and made more accessible information about the plasticity of the brain and how we can use it to change our results –to change our lives. I have studied, learned, and experimented with my own life, changing who I am by examining my beliefs, modifying my habits and emotional responses, experimenting with my willpower and finding ways to increase my resilience.  I have used this knowledge to evaluate franchise C.O.S.T. (Communications, Operational, Support and Training) Programs to find what is and what isn’t working and to identify the changes that create desired results and franchise success.

To summarize my strengths and expertise in a couple of words: I am a franchise success and franchisee ramp-up expert. I create training and support systems that engender breakthrough and transformation so franchisees and franchisors can achieve the results they seek.


My objective and my dream are to change the way people think about franchise success–to teach franchisors and franchisees how brain science can help them attain their own objectives and dreams.


Biographical Information

Lizette is an expert in franchise communications, operations, support and training at franchisee and franchisor levels. Her more than 20 years franchise experience is expansive, covering daily operations, marketing, communication, support, and training. Lizette is passionate about designing franchise operational and training systems that allow franchisees and franchisors to achieve the success they seek. She has a knack for breaking concepts down and creating efficient and effective processes and business format systems. She derives tremendous joy in assisting her clients implement their vision.

Lizette came to the United States from her native country of Venezuela to study at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She earned undergraduate degrees in English and Economics and a Master’s degree in Economics.

After her graduate work, Lizette joined General Business Services, a franchise organization of over 700 independent small business consultants. As the Director of Training and later the Vice President of Training and Publications, she designed and implemented the entire training plan to support beginning, intermediate, and advanced business consultants. Programs included Basic and Advanced Training Institutes, one-on-one field training, workshops and seminars, a wide range of business technical training modules and publications, as well as National Conferences.

In 1993, Lizette moved to South Africa. There she and her business partner formed Franchising Plus, a consulting group that created franchise systems for mature and start-up companies ranging from micro-businesses to multinational corporations. As a director of this group, Lizette specialized in creating operating systems and procedures as well as developing training and support programs for new and established franchisors. She enjoyed using her creativity and knowledge of cognitive science to convey technical and business information to people with many different levels of education and comprehension.

Upon returning from South Africa, Lizette joined The Entrepreneur’s Source, which at that point was a start-up rapidly growing franchise company with 26 franchisees. As vice-president of training and support, Lizette managed field operations and created, implemented, and directed all training, support and communication programs. Lizette also managed the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art intranet system and other computerized tools to aid communication and enhance the efficient operation of the franchise organization. She led the Regional Developer program to its full development through innovative training and support programs as well as creative operational procedures. When Lizette departed TES, there were approximately 250 franchisees, almost all of whom had been trained by her. 

After Lizette left TES, she joined Expansion Experts and went back to franchise consulting, enjoying helping clients create the step-by-step implementable processes that ensure their success as well as the success of their franchisees. As the author of Franchise Success: The New Formula, Lizette shows her commitment to the success of franchisees and her passion for coaching and development. She considers herself in essence a trainer and thus turns every consulting assignment into one of education and coaching.

Lizette’s passion is helping others achieve success. She is an avid reader and student of the mind, the brain and success theories. She enjoys gardening and exercising and is a serious Iyengar yoga practitioner. Asheville, NC, is her home, and this creative city and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains make her happy. Although all animals and nature provide much joy to her, she simply adores dogs.  Lizette is blessed to have her Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix, Star, enrich her life every day.