Franchise Success Inner Factors


The brain is the Franchise Success Center.

Dreams, beliefs, habits, emotions, resilience, self-discipline, willpower and abilities are all based in the workings of the brain and they all contribute to the success or failure of your franchisees. They all create C.A.S.H. (Confidence, Actions, Skills, Habits).

For many years the human brain was alien territory -its inner workings a mystery to most of us and only accessible to scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, or medical doctors. In the last twenty years the doors have been opening slowly, erroneous beliefs have been lifting, and this body of study is more accessible than ever before to everyone.

Today we can all be brainy when it comes to creating franchise success. Today we can use this knowledge to:

  • craft franchisee support systems that work;
  • ensure all franchisees achieve their goals and potential;


  • design training programs that produce B.R.A.I.N.S. (Best Results Achieved and Integrated Naturally System wide) and that bring on the C.A.S.H. (Confidence, Actions, Skills, Habits).


The brain is a belief engine.  

The brain not only creates our belief systems; it makes sure that these beliefs survive. It constantly scans the world for evidence that supports the truth of our beliefs, thereby reinforcing them.

But beliefs are just thoughts; and as such we can and need to examine them. If they work against our present objectives, they can and should be changed.

  • Do you know the beliefs your franchisees hold?
  • Do you know how the beliefs they hold affect their results?
  • Do you know how you can help them change the beliefs that no longer serve them?


Dreams are the goals of your franchisees painted in mental pictures.

Dreams fuel your franchisees’ desire to succeed. They engage the right side of the brain, while goals and objectives involve the left hemisphere. The former has been known as the seat of creativity and passion while the latter was believed to hold decision making, reasoning, and self-control. Today science looks at the brain in a more integrated fashion, together the right and the left hemispheres create success, yet they also can create failure. 

  • Do you know your franchisees’ dreams?
  • Does your franchise opportunity have the potential to make these dreams come true for them?
  • Do you know how you can use your franchisees’ dreams to create higher performance levels?


Our brains are naturally wired to make us resilient to change.

Buying a franchise is a big step –one that brings massive change and challenges to franchisees and to their families. The success and failure experienced by your franchisees greatly depend on their ability to respond positively to change –in other words, their results depend on their resilience.

The good news?

It is possible to rewire the brain to become more resilient; it is possible to reprogram it to produce franchise success.

  • Do you know how resilient your franchisees are?
  • Do you know how resilience affects results and the state of mind of your franchisees?
  • Do you know how to help your franchisees increase their resilience?


Emotions are the driving force behind our actions and our inaction.

Fear is a common emotional state of most franchisees during their first 90 days in the franchise system. It drives many franchisees to procrastination and inaction.

Ignore it and you set your franchisees up for failure.

Our brains are essential to our ability to feel and process emotions. Understanding how to manage emotions, and finding a way to create success-producing emotional states are key tasks for franchisees and franchisors.

  • Do you help your franchisees deal with their emotional states?
  • Do you have tools that help your franchisees manage their emotions?
  • Do you understand the role of self-awareness in creating a success-producing emotional state?


Habits are thoughts or behaviors that are so ingrained in the brain that they become automatic.

Habits drive future thought patterns and behavior. They can assist or they can impede learning, growth, and change; and therefore, success.

Learning any new occupation requires dropping some old habits and acquiring new ones. Although they tend to be unconscious, habits do not have to control us; and, they can be changed.

Greatly successful franchise companies, whether or not they do it consciously, have created a system that develops new success-producing habits quickly. Imagine what you could do if you learn to design your systems to deliberately create success-producing habits!

  • Are your operational procedures creating success-producing habits?
  • Do you know how to help your franchisees identify unhelpful habits?
  • Do you know how long does it take to form a new habit? Do you support and understand your franchisees during this time?

Willpower and Self-Discipline

Our brain is naturally wired for willpower and self-discipline.

Yes, these are not precious traits that belong to only a few. We all have them.

Willpower and self-discipline are like muscles, they get stronger with practice, but they also get tired with overuse.

Understanding the complex dynamics of how to overcome one’s weaknesses, and how to have the willpower to pursue plans and decisions is critical to creating a success platform.

  • Do you understand the contribution that willpower and self-discipline play in the success of your franchisees?
  • Are you unknowingly discouraging willpower in your company?
  • Do you know if your franchisees are aware of what requires their willpower? And, what will tax or drain their willpower reserves?
  • Do you know if they are aware of how they can access their willpower even when they feel they lack self-discipline?