Franchise Success Factors


Franchisors want to be successful. They also want their franchisees to be successful.

Franchisees want to be successful, too. And, they also want their franchisors to be successful.

This is the beauty of franchising – the interdependence of the parties involved.

Franchisors can’t achieve success if their franchisees don’t; and vice versa. It’s that simple!

Have you wondered why some of your franchisees succeed from the “get-go” while others flounder and others even fail? Do you have a ramp up problem? 

The Blame Game

Have you ever caught yourself or your staff playing the blame game?

When faced with struggling, unhappy, or failing franchisees most franchisors resort to playing the blame game. In this game there are two game pieces or pawns called “us” and “them”.

It is our fault.

If assuming fault is your pawn of choice, you most likely choose it with a sense of defeat, shame, failure, or guilt. Whether or not you realize it, you probably shake your head from side to side and lower your voice and gaze while thinking or saying things like:

  • “We chose the wrong people”
  • “We are not doing enough; we need more tools and support”
  • “There is obviously a problem with our training program”

It’s their fault.

On the other hand, if pointing the finger somewhere else is your preferred game piece, you will blame your franchisees with frustration or anger. If you have a volatile nature, your face may turn red, and you may raise your voice and point your finger at your staff while thinking or saying things like:

  • “These franchisees are not following our system”
  • “Why are these people disregarding our success formula?”
  • “These franchisees have got to get their act together or we need to terminate them”


The fact is that, in either case, you are not totally wrong in your thinking. There is probably some truth in all the above statements. But, what you really want is results, and the blame game has never provided them and never will!  In fact, this is a dangerous game that often creates undue conflict and unnecessary expenses. It divides your company into two camps: us vs. them; and in franchising, as you probably already know, this is asking for trouble.

There is no need for blame, guilt or anger; there are real solutions.

Coaching and Mentoring: Steps in the Right Direction

In the last 15 years, coaching and mentoring methodologies have seeped into the support systems of many successful franchise companies, giving franchisors new ways of guiding franchisees towards higher performance levels.

These newer approaches take into consideration some of the important inner aspects of franchise success. Unfortunately, many of these companies have only adopted the lingo and lack the deep understanding required to produce the results they seek.

The Problem

Too many franchisors are still focused only on the outer factors of franchise success without linking them to the inner workings of the franchisees’ minds. They concentrate their efforts solely on the surface of the following factors:

  • Concept validity
  • Marketing and branding,
  • Economics and financial
  • Legal
  • Social, and
  • Communications, Operations, Support, and Training (C.O.S.T.)

There is no question that these external elements are all extremely important to franchise success. Without them, there is no hope for a strong franchise company; there is no opportunity for any franchisee to be successful. But, there is much more to achieving franchise success! There is more to eliminating ramp up problems!

The Answercash-ramp

You have invested in creating a strong external structure. You have all the elements in place, yet even when most of your franchisees succeed, too many still flounder and some even fail. What’s happening? 

It’s simple: You forgot the most important ingredient – what’s inside of your franchisees.

Now the task is to learn to incorporate the inner workings of your franchisees’ minds into the framework of your franchise offering.  This means bringing C.A.S.H. into system. Your franchisees need the Confidence, Actions, Skills, and Habits to produce results. And, it all starts with taking into consideration your franchisee’s beliefs, dreams, resilience, habits, emotions, willpower, and self-discipline which are governed by the brain.

That’s where the answer lies -in the Brain.

For many years the brain was alien territory for most people. Today, however, we have access to approachable scientific studies coming out of the new and growing field of Brain Science (Cognitive Science and Neuroscience). This new science provides us with information and techniques we can use to design franchise success.

These new findings and the body of work they have inspired, allow you to craft franchise communications, operations, support, and training programs to create success at all levels. Yes, success for all franchisees -this includes even those people for whom success may not come as easily.

You can achieve a greater system-wide success and eliminate your ramp-up problems when you weave an understanding of the mechanisms of your franchisees’ brains into the programs, tools, procedures, techniques, and tasks that allow your franchisees to replicate successful results.