• Are you getting the results you want?
  • Do your franchisees ramp-up smoothly and successfully?
  • Are your franchisees reaching breakthroughs or staying in disappointment?
  • Are your franchisees successful?
  • Do you have first year successes or rocky starts that create failure?
  • Do you have franchisees who are unhappy, struggling, or failing?
  • Do you want franchise success for everyone in your company?
  • Are you ready to take advantage of the latest brain research available and create the success you want and that your franchisees deserve?

The INFRASU Brain Check is an evaluation of your company’s external factors such as concept, financial, legal, marketing, social, and C.O.S.T.  (Communications, Operations, Support, and Training) to assess their effectiveness in view of your objectives and the results you seek and ensure they produce the required levels of C.A.S.H. (Confidence, Actions, Skills, Habits). Through a series of interviews and a review of your materials and programs we will determine what you must do to create franchise success system-wide. The INFRASU Brain Check report will become your map in your journey towards improved results.

Do you need more than a map to embark on this journey?

We can give you directions or we can drive you, and we can also teach your staff how to get there. It’s up to you.

Our one-on-one coaching and our train-the-trainer sessions get you and your staff ready to incorporate the techniques that will help you transform your organization. We are also available to work directly with your franchisees teaching them how they can take control of their lives and utilize their brains to generate C.A.S.H. and create the results they seek.

Our fees

Our fees depend on the size of your company, the length of time you have been franchising, and the number of franchisees you have. We are flexible. We are committed to make a difference in your company and we will work with you.


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